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The Trust's programs, including the Youth Programs and the Internship Program, have been designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by taiohi in the community. These programs provide a safe and supportive space for taiohi to learn, grow, and gain essential life skills. By fostering positive relationships, offering opportunities for personal and professional development, and promoting Māori aspirations, the Trust aims to empower taiohi to become confident, capable, and resilient individuals.

Recent and Ongoing Programs Within the Past Year:

More Programmes Coming Soon

We are always looking to see new ways for us to help support the taiohi of Waitara. 

If funding becomes available, Waitara Taiohi Trust aims to launch several exciting future programs to further support the development and well-being of our youth:

Wananga: This program focuses on raising cultural awareness among our staff and taiohi regarding Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its implications for living in Waitara. Through interactive workshops and educational initiatives, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of te tiriti and its relevance to our community.

All-In Program: Our All-In Program aims to provide after-school activities facilitated by our dedicated youth workers, creating a safe and inclusive space where taiohi can develop a sense of belonging and cultivate their talents. The program will offer a diverse range of activities such as basketball, cooking classes, creative workshops, and more, empowering our youth to explore their interests and develop valuable skills.

Mentoring Program: Recognizing the transformative power of mentoring relationships, we plan to establish a comprehensive mentoring program. By pairing experienced mentors with taiohi, we aim to provide guidance, support, and positive role models to help them navigate challenges, set goals, and unlock their full potential.

Youth Workers in Schools: Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our taiohi. To provide additional support to schools in Waitara, we aspire to have dedicated youth workers in multiple schools. These professionals will work closely with educators to address individual and collective needs, fostering a positive learning environment and promoting holistic development.

Intermediate Age Group Program: Identifying a gap in services for the intermediate age group, we aim to create a specialized program tailored to their unique needs. This initiative will provide a supportive space where young adolescents can thrive, offering a range of activities, mentoring, and opportunities for personal growth.

Youth Creative Space/Social Enterprise: Recognizing the creative potential within our taiohi, we envision establishing a dedicated youth creative space that also serves as a social enterprise. This innovative initiative will provide a platform for young artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators to showcase their talents, gain entrepreneurial skills, and contribute to the sustainability of the Trust.

By implementing these future programs, Waitara Taiohi Trust aims to expand our impact, empower youth, and create a thriving community where every young person has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. We eagerly anticipate securing the necessary funding to turn these visions into realities.

Want to see more of these ideas come to life, feel free to give a donation by following the link below. 
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